My Achy Breaky Heart




So what makes a good anniversary gift? Now I would like to think I am the creative sorts but once you have spent about 20-years with someone, almost every trick in the book is exhausted.

To help me in the search for the perfect anniversary gift, I did what modern lovers do. Went to google “Anniversary gift ideas…” And voila, google did not disappoint – from love coupons, to candlelight dinners to write your own love story, bake a cake and some well “censored ideas” were also there, which I will leave it up to you to discover.

I thought let us stick with a safe plan and asked a friend, who knows both of us to give me some ideas. She suggested I write a “50 reasons I love about you!” I told her why could not I do just 25, she said “Don’t be lazy, come on, you’ve got to work hard in love!” She reminded me to reminisce about the days when we swore of mills and boon romance.

Suddenly the the idea of writing a “50 things or 50 reasons” seemed manageable to me. So I sat in front of the computer and started to think…. By the time I reached number 10, I was fairly exhausted. I tried real hard, to come up “I love that you never leave the fridge open, “I love that you decided to stop listening to Himesh Reshammiya,” “I love that you love south Indian food…” But each time I closed my eyes and tried to think an “I love reason” a few images came in front of my eyes, that just refused to go away. Each time I tried, I could not take my eyes off the TOILET SEAT that you never put down…. Sorry, babe that is a big one. There were others too, like how you dunk the restroom with room freshener after you have smoked (Yeah, babe I know about that too) or how you try desperately to pretend to like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, when I know that you are secretly checking something on that I-phone.

So, I decided to trust my instinct and go with the basics. Hang in there with me, I do have a point….I went back in time and remembered myself as an extremely self-conscious (I still am) teenager and you were probably the only person who took me seriously. I tried to remember that time and asked myself why did we fall in love in the first place? I tried hard but I still don’t remember why? Does it even matter I tell myself…

And then epiphany struck or maybe I am just a hopeless romantic (here’s when you blame Mills & Boon, Jane Austen and even a little bit of Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra). I have begun to think that when you truly love someone, you do not have to find reasons to love them. You just love everything about them and it is difficult to put a finger at just that one point…

Love, probably, is that “irrational” feeling which Munnabhai calls “Chemical Locha….” Or Chemical imbalance. When you meet that someone, you know that rationale and logic goes out of the window.  Or else why would I suddenly ditch my fandom for Aamir Khan and join the legion of Shah Rukh Khan fans?

Love, also means different things to different people and means different things at different times. I remember when I was 16, I thought your jokes were out of this world and 20-years later, well I think “some” of your jokes are out of the world….But honey, your excuses for not putting that toilet seat down are getting stale… You need to work on them… However, life is not about the jokes and the toilet seats…

I remember a few years ago, when a friend joked, “How do you feel about your wife wearing the pants…” And, you say “Well, she looks good in pants…. Its 21st century after all…Plus pants are cheaper than saris…”  Or when you gently chided a young cousin for whistling at a girl… It is in moments like this that I get puppy faced…. And I am willing to forgive you for sleeping through Sense and Sensibility…

Thus, it is decided that my anniversary gift to you is a plaque reading, “I henceforth relinquish my right to grumble about the toilet seat staying up, as long as you keep coming up with smart repartees….” Plus can you also agree that Pierce Brosnan makes a better James Bond than Daniel Craig…. 


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