She’s Crazy…..

They say she’s crazy
That’s how they silence her
They want her to go away so far
That they cannot hear what she has to say
You ask why?
Because her crazy voice, tells them what they refuse to hear
However, little do they know….That the harder they try to drive her away…. The stronger she becomes

Also they are unaware that just maybe she is addictive and….

Her exit may encourage someone else’s rise….

Someone stronger and more potent than her …

If not now, maybe a few years down the line…

And you wonder where the crazy one goes to?
Well she retreats to her shell, she sits there and plots her next move….

She thinks of ways to show them the reality that they are trying to run away….

She thinks of ways to tell them stories that they try so hard to forget….

She thinks of showing them pictures that they have refused to see….

She talks about people that they smirk at or ignore….

She makes them look at their privilege

When they silence her, she becomes stronger….

Her resolve to make herself heard becomes stronger….

The more they call her crazy, the more she believes that she is right….
Maybe the world is not ready for her craziness, yet, she tells herself…

But she is sure that someday, the world will be ready for her….

Till then she hopes to rest in her shell and behave like that storm before the calm…



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