Cyber Bullies

I recently watched this film called cyber bully – the movie revolves around teens and their cliques and how internet with its anonymity factor has given so much power that people often forget to use their own judgements while posting things or saying “stuff!”

I wont deny that there have been moments when I have wanted to say harsh things to people with whom I disagree, and given that I am on the internet I don’t have to face them I could say anything and get away with it. Things get further complicated when this is on an online forum, where you identify folks just with a user name.

I recently had this experience where “a person” who disagreed with me made a very disparaging comment about my work. Is it fair to question a person’s work ethic when you disagree with them? My first thought after reading that comment was to tell this person “f -off you sexist a-hole. you actually justified the sterotype that ‘Most’ Indian men are scared of women that challenge them intellectually!” but a few calm breaths later I realized that if I did this I would never be able to face myself. Not only would I be stooping to this person’s level but Also I would be challenging the person and not their behavior or attitude and I personally dont beleve in attacking a person’s personality or job just because I disagree with them.

Why I think this person is cyber bullying me? This person created a false id just to challenge me, this person has been stalking me on other social networking sites and might turn up on my blog too but 🙂 and if you are here then my message to you is. Read up on male privilege and victim blaming maybe that would help you become a less sexist person and not ask a survivor of domestic violence questions like “why did your husband beat you?” This might also help you to understand that when a woman says “no man has the right to touch a woman even if she is naked” does not mean that a “man has the right to touch a woman if she is not naked!” Yes, this person actually said this!

Also maybe it would help if you worked on your debating skills and rationalize your arguments better rather than enjoy a false notion of pride or have a “yeehaw I put a feminist in her place by questioning her work!” But you know what here is my challenge to you, why don’t you work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault for two weeks and then we can talk about my job skills? Maybe you will have some special insights for me and i could use that perspective!

Also stand up to what you say in stead of creating fake ids – take pride and ownership of your comments. And stop bullying hassled women on an online forum and try finding a better hobby for yourself


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