H-4 Diaries Chapter 2 – The Interview

Had an interview today, the first question the person said was

1) Your resume looks very impressive, but before continuing further I want to know about your visa status

2) I tell them I am on H-4

3) Long static on the phone followed by “please get in touch with us, if your visa status changes!”

4) What bothers me is that someone refused to even interview me or talk to me because of my visa status – Thank you so much!

5) I usually do not write in points but I had to get this angst I feel out of my system. This is the unfairness of the H-4 visa, people do not want to even interview you or consider your application. If I fail the interview, don’t give me the job but at least let me compete!

6) And mind you this job required me to relocate to another coast. My husband would be living in Β the East Coast (our family would be divided), offered no relocation cost, no benefits but I was ready to take up the challenge because I believed in the work and wanted to work with this population that is very much under-served! But the agency would not even talk to me because I am on H-4!

7) The unfairness of the H-4 visa, all South Asian advocacy agencies talk about it but nobody wants to challenge it or do anything about it! People do not even want to give you a chance – this helplessness can be understood only by another person that is on H-4!

8) However, I believe in the power of resilience. The resilience that my clients have taught me their ability to survive even when faced with systems of oppression makes me believe that maybe there is hope, sunshine and a bright light at the end of the tunnel!


2 thoughts on “H-4 Diaries Chapter 2 – The Interview

  1. First of all, I wrote a long comment saying looking forward to your H4 diaries, not able to find it now. 😐

    And I know what you mean, it has been just a year for me and it can get so depressing. But it is little better because I’m from an IT background, I might get lucky soon. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Jazz, its okay – you can type that reply sometime later when you have more time on your hands. I would love to read it. What frustrates me is that people do not even want to interview or talk to you, if you have an H-4. I would not mind if I am not selected, because I performed poorly in the interview or my resume did not match the skill set, but not even being considered because of the visa status hurts.

    But what can I say, one can only hope πŸ™‚ I am so glad to hear from you here and exchange thoughts with you. Also very happy to hear that you might get lucky soon! Nothing makes me more happier than when I hear about someone making that transition from H-4 to H-1. Keep me updated, I hope it works out for you soon! Good Luck with everything!

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