Thank You, Can We Have Some More Now….

There is so much to thank god for on March 8, Women’s day — to start with I woke up to the news apparently 41 pilots in India tested positive for drinking and flying – Thank God!!! Despite that we have averted major air mishaps….Surely we are God’s Chosen people, yet we love to fight over who’s God is the best….Jeez…..Can’t everyone be happy with their Gods and leave other people’s God’s alone (But you know our favorite national pass time is  not cricket – but is to check what’s cooking in the neighbor’s house!)

I remember a few years ago when the Da Vinci Code released a lot of my friends wanted me to read it and some others wanted to go on a rally to protest against it….I personally think that books, no matter what the content should not undergo censorship. If you know something is going to disturb you, don’t read it. I challenged myself to read Da Vinci Code, because I was among those that avowed nothing could challenge or change their faith. So I purchased the book – but never had the heart to read it….I still have not….I hope someday I develop the courage to read something or learn something that challenges, what I have believed growing up and I hope I have the humility to understand that everything that I have learnt cannot “always be right!’

Okay so I forgot that I had to link all of the above rambling to Thank You….So here is whom I wanted to thank!

Thank You daddy – We never lived together, but you never made us feel we were “unwanted” or “not cherished” thank you for celebrating our birth! I wish more girls could say that….

Thank You grandfather – You were the best appa any girl could have wanted….I think it is the communist in you that made all your wives, daughters and grand-daughters so opinionated and made us create our own identities. Thank you for taking me to school every day 🙂 You may not remember much as you sit in a tiny village an kerala and smoke your beedi….but your influence on the women in our family cannot be missed, we are a fiery bunch!!!

Thank You my Guy Friends….I would never say this to your face, and I know you guys are too lazy to be on the internet but thank you for being non-sexist, encouraging and inspiring in your own ways. Each one of you I know is a great son, brother, husband and two of you are also Great Dads to beautiful Daughters!!! I am so proud to have made your acquaintance….

Thank you to all the Wonderful Men on Indus Ladies…. You guys make me believe that why I don’t find enough of you in the non-virtual world!!!! Hats off to you guys, for being such sports, for indulging my writing, as women I think we can certainly learn solidarity from you guys….I have learnt a lot from each of you….

Cannot really end the post without Thanking the guy that made the laptop and the internet accessible and for indulging me and at times and for challenging me intellectually….Thank you for letting me unload a fury of emotions, when I have had a bad day at work and when everyone around me seems “evil” to me….We may not agree on everything, but thank you for always standing up for me and believing in my cause….

Now that I have said all the Thank Yous to all the nice men out there, now can we please have some more of them….I guess on Women’s Day my wish is that can we have some more of the nice men that I know of….Also Punjab Police desperately needs some of you….If you don’t know why yet, here it is




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