It’s Complicated

So I asked him…. “Why do you want to be with me?” And he replied “Because my life is too boring and I could do with some complications!” Now before you think I wrote this masterpiece, let me break the bubble and tell you its a dialogue from the 1998 movie Six Days Seven Nights….and you thought my writing had improved…..

Okay so enough about my writing skills and pathetic attempt at seeking sympathy (somebody please tell me ‘I am an okay writer’, no matter how much I pretend that I don’t care about what you think….I want you to love my writing….well, and my hair too). Okay now enough of my diversions and back to It’s complicated….

Now this It’s complicated relationship status that some people have on Facebook I don’t get it….Aren’t all relationships complicated….That’s how human brains are wired…..You hate the fact that he never makes the beds, always (despite knowing that you hate it) walks into the room changes the channel you’re watching only to walk out of the room again, and never presses the toothpaste at the right spot (well, that’s pet peeve) and how could I miss this one – lets the tea cool and then reheats it on the microwave. Now don’t tell me that none of you have these issues….And before you think only girls have issues let me tell you….he hates it when you ask him “do I look fat?” Because its a tricky question….he hates your hair on the bathroom floor, your clothes not leaving space for his and your love for window shopping….

So all those with the “It’s Complicated” status don’t break a sweat…..even the one’s who pose very happily have complications….after all love is complicated because the heart wants what it wants despite all the little stuff….And at times its the little things and the silly complications that make life liveable….is liveable even a word….! You get the point right….


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