Little Things You Do

Someone rightly said, actions do speak louder than words. During my recent stay in India, I got to see two TV commercials that simply loved. The Vodafone delights commercial with two school girls and the Airtel Ad which has SRK and Chitrangada.
In journalism school; here’s when you boast about your educational qualifications in your blog; they said that a good commercial should manipulate viewer’s imagination and make him buy your product. While I didn’t buy either Vodafone or Airtel, these commercial did manage to string my heart. And I’m sure I’m not the only sentimental person who gets nostalgic, when you see episodes from your real life interacted on screen.
The vodafone delights, has a friend giving more toffees to her best friend on her birthday while the background score goes….li’l things you do for me..n nobody else makes me feel good.. d li’l things you do 4 me..making me smile n no one else could! that’s why i like to sit next to you, n hear your mad stories, i know they’re not true..n i like that we share a secret or two together….!

We all have that one friend, who has stood up for us and taken our blame on themselves, don’t we. This ad reminded me of a special friend, who has always been there for me. Its a pity that we met very late in life and in a span of about 7-years have probably spent only a year and a half together, but just the feeling that she’s out there always looking out for me is a relief. Don’t we all have that friend!!!! 

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Coming to our other friend SRK, I wonder how he manages to have great chemistry with almost every other woman he acts with??? Any answers….

I found this commercial so romantic….because it focussed on the most essential thing that romances these days are missing. With so much focus on the physical and material aspect of love, what with most ads focusing on diamonds, fairness cream, weight loss, fashionable clothing and all that I thought here’s one to prove that its friendship and communication that keeps two people together.


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