Everyone loves a good underdog

Researchers say that cheering for the losing team can negatively affect self esteem and happiness, but what is it that makes us, at least most of us, root for the underdog? Be it soccer, cricket, political elections or even the Oscars its mostly the weak one that garners most of the support. There would hardly be a soul whose hearts the slumdog kids didn’t touch?

My reasoning is that in our hearts, each one of us consider ourselves as underdogs. We have all at times felt wronged by either society, family members, systems or sometimes just by good old fate. How many times have you not felt that you deserve better pay and more adulation than a colleague? How many times have you felt that you worked harder yet you didn’t fare well in exams or something similar. In our hearts we all feel that we deserve better than what we have.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the underdogs and root for them because we feel that if the underdogs can make it, so can you. And there is no greater joy than when an underdog puts on a good fight and despite losing the eventual race, still gets talked about most.


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