Work It!

As a teen and adult I was quite proud of my skinny frame and missed no chance to point it out to one of my closest and dearest friends Gee, who was a few pounds heavier that she was fat and I was fit. Circa 2010, and I am at a different place….I started piling on the pounds in late 2007 and being too lazy to exercise and too stubborn to sacrifice  my taste buds I ignored the pounds till June 2009.

It was late Saturday evening in 2009 when I walked into the arrival lounge of Newark airport to pick a friend, who was visiting us for the weekend. “You’ve become so fat,” was how my friend greeted me. All through the trip I was subjected to, “you’re not fit,”  “don’t you eat a lot,” “you really need to loose some weight,” and more such acidic statements…..GRRRRR!!!!

Days later I stepped on a weighing scale and save the scale point towards 145.5 pounds, “I guess there’s something wrong with this scale,” was my response as the husband stood there watching at my face. At 5 feet 3 inches 145.5 I was way overweight, a visit to my doctor confirmed this and more – I neeed to loose at least 15 pounds to be fit. My nerves were weak, I was getting too tired and the weight was also affecting my thought process – it was making me lazy.

I’m not among the most focussed of people but, it changed the day I started working out. It also made me empathetic towards “overweight people.”  My friend Gee, has also begun her journey to loose weight in India and we are boosting each other, constantly, thank God for Vonage. We’ve also managed to motivate our other friend Ritu who suffered a facial palsy a few years ago, and put on around 50 pounds – a side effect to the treatment and medication for the same.

The other day Ritu, said something very prolific “When people see someone fat – they automatically think you eat a lot. But you could be fat because of many reasons.” How true, because I have drawn that conclusion so many times. We are all culprits of making fun of someone with huge arms, a big butt or a big belly – I’ve realised how insensitive it is.

To sum, its God that’s given us this body so why not do our best to respect and preserve it.

Gee in Ulhasnagar, Ritu in Aurangabad and Me in Jersey have all begun our journey to knock off those pounds. When will you begin….

Gee and Me


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