Take a Shot 1

As part of my script – writing exercise I have to write about three movie images that have deeply impacted me – how and why. Here I go

There are many movie scenes that have deeply impacted me but these three are the ones that instantly came to my mind.

1) Climax scene of Arth – Directed by Mahesh Bhatt – Arth happens to be one of my favorite films. I love its climax because even today when most women – cut across any culture – find it difficult to stand up for themselves here was a character who gave more importance to her self-respect. Arth is a film that delves upon human relationships. The film proves that you don’t need glamorous stars, expensive locations or big budgets to make a good movie. The film is the story of a husband, wife and the husband’s mistress. Shabana Azmi plays the wife who is lost when her husband (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) leaves her to be with his actress girlfriend (Smita Patil). In the climax Kulbhushan returns back to Shabana and requests her to take him back, Shabana asks him a simple question “would you have taken me back if I had committed the same mistake)” an honest Kulbhushan answers “No,” prompting Shabana to reply “then how can I take you back?” No added dramatic music, no loud acting subtlety of emotions is why I love this scene. Also it breaks norm from other hindi films where the wife always accepts her husband back!
2) Gone Baby Gone – I simply love this film – for me it was a perfect balance of drama, action and thriller. The film doesn’t go about answering any questions all it does is expose a certain problem before you. The image that stays back with me from the film is the part where the ending credits roll in. It shows the lead character Casey Affleck sitting on the sofa next to little Ammanda watching TV. He doesn’t say much but the viewer understands that Casey is literally kicking himself for bringing Ammanda back to her mom and is probably wishing that if he could back in time and change what he had done.
3) Baton Baton Mein – I don’t think there’s any hindi film lover who would disagree with me that Baton Baton Mein is one of the best comedies ever made by Basu Chatterjee. Goes again to show that you don’t lewd gay jokes, sexist comments or cakes and eggs thrown on someone’s face to make people laugh. Baton Baton Mein revolves around a Catholic family which has a worried mom trying her best to get her daughter Nancy married off. When Nancy meets Tony Braganza and they become good friends her mom approves of the friendship only if Tony wants to marry Nancy. My favorite scene in the film is the one where Amol Palekar (Tony) visits Nancy’s house when Nancy’s mom offers him a bunch of grapes he declines but when Nancy’s footloose friend offers jumps on his Tony’s lap and offers to feed him the grapes he finds it tough to refuse much to Nancy and her mom’s ire. His response “ab koi aise khilaye toh mana kaise kar sakta hoon,” now most men will agree that they have been stuck in situations like this.


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