Do good people finish last?

A few incidents that happened in my life last week forced me to think about this do good people finish last?

1) My best friend Amrita got laid off from the India’s so called biggest newspaper house after putting in more than three years of blood, tears etc. After being bed ridden with pneumonia for more than two months Amrita joined work and within two weeks she was asked to leave just like that. Sacking an employee because they were ill well you need to be cold-hearted to do that and the big bosses at this media house proved it. If you think that I am pissed just because she’s my friend then you are right but apart from being my friend, Amrita is an excellent writer and an intelligent journalist with a good heart. A rare combination to find these days. You will find scores of writers today who know all the correct words and who break the biggest stories but you will rarely find a writer who never cheats. Who never makes up quotes and who hates taking bylines if they know  in their heart that they don’t believe in their story. 

I remember around two years ago while I was working in mumbai, Amrita told me that one of her seniors had told her that she needed to be more “pro-active” or rather need to make polite conversations with the big bosses. Which I know Amrita would never indulge in…..and I’m so proud of you for just being yourself and for never compromising with your ideas, beliefs, thoughts just for a job. 

2) I have no qualms in admitting that I am a huge fan of reality TV and I love watching Indian reality shows because I connect to these shows. There have been criticisms that reality TV isn’t all that real, I don’t care about those comments – to each his own. One saturday night I just couldn’t sleep and was browsing through the net i happened to catch the video of a newly launched Indian show called “Sarkaar Ki Duniya” an Indian version of survivor meets monopoly. The show caught my eye and since then I have become addicted to it. Every noon at 12 I start browsing for online episodes of the show and make it a point to watch it. The show has 18 contestants from different walks of life – among popular names there is fame gurukul winner Qazi Tauqeer and Bengali actress Koneenica Banerjee. 

Last Sunday I haappened to get into a debate with a friend who was telling me that it wasn’t wrong in presenting yourself in front of the world in the best possible way, by lying a little. My answer you can do anything as long as you can live with it. If you can lie about your skills and still look in the mirror and not flinch good for you. I remember as a 12-year-old I once stole Rs. 16 from my grandma’s purse, I confessed to her the same evening because i felt extremely guilty about it and couldn’t face it. Result I got a good pasting and was under strict house arrest for a month but believe me it was worth it.


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